The Institute of New Europe is formed by the Management Board, the Programme Board, the Supervisory Board, as well as analysts, and trainees.

The Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for the operational activity of the Institute, internal communication between its various bodies, and external communication.

Łukasz Kobierski

President of the Management Board

Scholarship holder at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security in Washington and an expert in the field of international relations. Graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. During studies he was a trainee at the Department of International Security Policy of the Ministry of National Defense and the Department of Strategic Analyzes of the National Security Bureau, among others.

Adam Martofel

Deputy President of the Management Board

Graduate of BA and MA studies in National Security at the National Defence University of Warsaw, Foreign Policy Study at the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the Land Forces Non-Commissioned Officers School in Poznań. Author of various articles and scientific presentations related to the subjects of the Middle East and cybersecurity.

The Programme Board

The Programme Board is a statutory body responsible for the direction of the Institute’s activities. It represents the official position of the INE and constitutes high-level substantive support for the Institute. The Programme Board covers 2 thematic areas: public policy (economy, innovation) and international relations.

dr Artur Bartoszewicz

Chairman of the Program Board

Doctor of Economic Sciences at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Expert in the field of public policy, including state and economic strategies. Expert at the National Centre for Research and Development and the Digital Poland Projects Centre.

Dr hab. Wiesław Lizak

Member of the Programme Board

Habilitated doctor in Social Sciences, author of numerous publications and organizer of scientific conferences covering topics related to Africa and the Middle East.

dr Agnieszka Rogozińska

Member of the Programme Board

Doctor of Social Sciences in the discipline of Political Science. Editorial secretary of the magazines Polityka i Bezpieczeństwo and Niepodległość: czasopismo poświęcone najnowszej historii Polski. Her research interests focus on security issues.

Marek Okularczyk

Member of the Programme Board

Manager in a technology company. Smart City expert and author of articles and compilations in this field. Postgraduate student at the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Dr Agnieszka Bryc

Member of the Programme Board

Doctor of Humanities in the field of Political Science specializing in International Relations. Her research interests focus on the issues concerning post-Soviet countries, as well as the security of the Middle East.

Aureliusz Górski

Member of the Programme Board

Managing Director at the Cambridge Innovation Center, leader of the Smart City Group within the Coalition for Polish Innovations. Expert on innovative ecosystems.

Dariusz Werschner

Member of the Programme Board

Chairman of the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems. He represents the drone industry by cooperating with numerous public institutions. Moderator and ambassador of Polish technical thought abroad.


Experts and analysts of the Institute of New Europe specialises in various fields, including national and international security, economics, public diplomacy, and international relations. The results of their work are analyses, articles, and reports available in the ‘Publications’ tab, as well as promoted on Institute’s social media.

Katarzyna Baran

Project Coordinator

Employee at the Małopolska School of Public Administration, where she works as an expert at the Center for Public Policies. PhD candidate at the Cracow University of Economics. Her research interests are mainly public management and public policies. Currently focusing on identifying the Polish model of public sector management.

Agata Justyna Kałamucka

Project Coordinator

Graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, with a degree in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems. PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw. Specialist in using quantitative methods to assess social issues, particularly those related to demographics.

Katarzyna Domagała


PhD candidate at the Institute of Political Science of the University of Wrocław. Her interests include research on political parties, formation of coalitions in the Westminster model, and federalism in the Balkans.

Michał Dworski


Social activist, lawyer, and historian. PhD candidate at the Institute of History of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, and a specialist in the fields of Polish political emigration in the 20th century and public diplomacy. Plenipotentiary of the Lublin Voivode for International Dialogue, coordinator of the Regional Centre for International Debate in Lublin.

Tomasz Grzywaczewski


Reporter, writer, and analyst specialising in Central and Eastern Europe. He authored books such as “Granice marzeń. O państwach nieuznawanych” (Magellan Award 2018), “Życie i śmierć na Drodze Umarłych” i “Przez dziki Wschód”. Co-creator of the documentary film “Cienie Imperium”. Former editor-in-chief of “Koncept” magazine. Member of the Explorer Club.

Andrzej Kochman


Economist in the investment sector. Graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Evaluator, for many years, of export investment projects financed with a loan of a repayment period of two and more years under insurance guaranteed by the State Treasury.

Dawid Lenik


Graduate of Institute of International Relations at the University of Warsaw and Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security in Washington, DC. Gained experience in the field of international affairs, creating analyses, and meeting organisations through his work experience at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Bank of the National Economy, as well as through his student activities.

Aleksander Ksawery Olech


Specialist in the field of security and international relations. PhD candidate in Security Studies at the War Studies University in Warsaw. Active participant at many international conferences in the UK, France, Turkey, and many others.

Paweł Paszak


Director of the Indo-Pacific Programme at the Institute of New Europe and co-author of the China Monitor programme for the Warsaw Institute. Graduate of International Relations (specialisation in East Asian Studies) from the University of Warsaw and scholarship holder at the University of Kent (UK) and Hainan University (China). PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw and the War Studies University, participant in research projects for the Ministry of National Defence. His research areas include the foreign policy of China and the strategic rivalry between China and the US in the Indo-Pacific.

Marek Połoński


Expert at Defence24 and Energy for Europe Foundation. Former head of one of the portal on Portal Spraw Zagranicznych ( His professional experience include working for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Military Police unit in Gdynia, and a court in Lębork.

Adam Poręba

Communication specialist

Social activist, interested in history, law, marketing, and sociology. Organizer and active participant of many scientific conferences. Previously he worked in, amongst others, Department of Civil Society of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, and the Office of Communication and Promotion at Narodowy Instytut Wolności. Consultant at the Regional Center for International Debate in Rzeszów.

Mieszko Rajkiewicz


PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies of the University of Warsaw. Specialist in the field of sport politicisation and globalisation. He conducts research on sports diplomacy and the meaning of soft power in modern sport.

Tomasz Sańpruch


President of the World Business Bridge Foundation, publisher and chief-editor of Director of the Institute of Knowledge and Business of Collegium Humanum at the Warsaw School of Management. Expert in international trade, media, as well as digital and content marketing. Economic journalist and producer of TV programmes.

Piotr Sosnowski


PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw, Erasmus scholarship holder at Helmut Schmidt Universitat Bundeswehr in Hamburg, also took part in a course at the EGE University Izmir. Previously he worked for the Ministry of National Defence. Organiser of scientific conferences and author of publications focused on international security.

Seweryn Stępień


Legal counsel, graduate of Jagiellonian University. His interest include geopolitics of Poland and eastern flank of NATO.

Cosmin Timofte


Graduate student of Politics and Intelligence Studies at Aberystwyth University and International Security at University of Warwick. Former exchange student in the United States. Participant in an analytical project of the media narratives around Brexit in the United Kingdom and Romania. His main research interests are Middle Eastern armed conflicts, disinformation and intelligence.

Filip Urbański


Graduate of international relations within the Inter-area Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Warsaw and the Faculty of Applied Linguistics of the University of Warsaw. PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies of the University of Warsaw. Research interests: foreign policy of Poland and Belarus, Eastern Europe.


INE’s trainees write their own analyses, as well as supporting the Institute’s analysts in creating their studies through research. Trainees also collect data for infographics published by INE and take an active part in other tasks as well, depending on projects carried out by INE’s analysts.

Klaudia Badzyńska


She studies international relations at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Her research interests include international security, armed conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on ethnic conflicts.

Karolina Fabirkiewicz


She holds a BA in International Relations and Development Studies from SOAS University of London and currently studies the LLM Public International Law course at City University of London. Her interests include legal aspects of international relations, human rights, migration, and diplomacy.

Agnieszka Homańska


She’s currently styduiyng international relations and applied linguistics at the University of Warsaw. Her fields of interests are diplomacy, foreign affairs, modern processes of integration, and the role and application of languages in politics and society.

Lena Anna Kuklińska


She is a student of global law at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Her interests focus on marketing – in which field she is also involved in with the student organisation ELSA – language learning, travelling and literature. She links her future with European law, as well as regulation of new technologies and intellectual property.

Maria Piątek


She holds a BA in European Studies at the European Centre of the University of Warsaw and is currently a third year law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. Her research interests include integration and disintegration processes in Europe, diplomacy, technological development and geopolitics.

Monika Poprawa


She holds a BA in International Relations at the University of Warsaw, currently a second-year Master’s student in the same field with a specialization: Security and Strategic Studies. Her interests are focused on the area of space technologies (mainly issues of militarization and commercialization, as well as rivalry between states in space). She is also interested in cyberterrorism, terrorism, contemporary armed conflicts and energy security.

Karolina Siekierka


An International Relations student, specializing in Security and Strategic Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies, University of Warsaw. Erasmus student at the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris 1) and the Institut d’Etudes Politique de Paris (Sciences Po Paris). Her research areas include public international law, international political relations, and human rights. Active participant of student organizations both at the University of Warsaw and Sciences Po.

Supervisory Board of the Foundation

The Supervisory Board of the Foundation is a statutory body tasked with overseeing financial and other types of activities of the Institute, including approving of the Board’s reports on Institute’s activities.

Julian Romuald Żelaznowski

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Advisor in the field of economy, technology and strategic management, working on Polish and International level. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

Kamil Alan Felka

Member of the Supervisory Board

Graduate of the National Defence Academy in Warsaw in National Security and Internal Security. Project manager in the armaments industry.

Michał Tomasz Masior

Member of the Supervisory Board

Lawyer, member of the Centre for Legislative Process Research at the Lazarski University, graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics with a degree in economics.

Areas of INE’s activities:


The future of public administration
Effective cooperation between various government departments
Innovation policy
Industrial policy
Digitalisation of the country
Improving citizens’ economic knowledge
Smart City

International relations and security


European affairs

Three Seas Initiative
Middle East
Former territory of the USSR
Strengthening the security of Poland

Law, taxes, and society

Tax system
Economic regulations
Analysis of legislation and monitoring of public life
Promotion of sustainable development
Supporting the cultural development of the country
Actions for the family