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Financed by Narodowy Instytut Wolności – Centrum Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Obywatelskiego from the funds of Program Rozwoju Organizacji Obywatelskich for the period 2018-2030.

Institute of New Europe

The Institute of New Europe Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on carrying out research and analysis in the fields of economy, politics, and, amongst others, legal systems in both the national and international contexts. Our activities are designed to provide substantive support for Poland’s strategic decision-making processes by preparing solutions under the form of postulates and concrete legislative recommendations, as well as participating in the process of their implementation.

Institute of New Europe aims to prepare reports, analyses, comments and proposals for legislative regulations with regards to the most important areas for Poland:

  • innovation,
  • tax system/taxation system,
  • economic regulations,
  • infrastructure,
  • transport,
  • new technologies,
  • european affairs,
  • international relations and security.

Supporting the state’s economic development

Undertaking activities aimed at raising legal awareness among citizens

Supporting the scientific and cultural development of the country