The Management Board is responsible for the operational activity of the Institute, internal communication between its various bodies, and external communication.


President of the Management Board

Scholarship holder at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security in Washington and an expert in the field of international relations. Graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. During studies he was a trainee at the Department of International Security Policy of the Ministry of National Defense and the Department of Strategic Analyzes of the National Security Bureau, among others.


Deputy President of the Management Board

PhD candidate at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Wroclaw, the President of the Polish National Associations of PhD Candidates in 2020. The author of dozen of scientific papers, concerning security studies, political science, administration, international relations. Laureate of the I, II and III International Geopolitical Olympiad. Director of the Security Programme.


The Programme Board is a statutory body responsible for the direction of the Institute’s activities. It represents the official position of the INE and constitutes high-level substantive support for the Institute. The Programme Board covers 2 thematic areas: public policy (economy, innovation) and international relations.


Chairman of the Programme Board

Doctor of Economic Sciences at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Expert in the field of public policy, including state and economic strategies. Expert at the National Centre for Research and Development and the Digital Poland Projects Centre.


Member of the Programme Board

Doctor of Humanities in the field of Political Science specializing in International Relations. Her research interests focus on the issues concerning post-Soviet countries, as well as the security of the Middle East.


Member of the Programme Board

Lawyer, Director of the Legal Department at the PGZ Group, former Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Digital Affairs for information society (2020-2023). AI Policy and Ethical expert for Gov of Poland, EC, OECD, UNESCO, Council of Europe, GPAI.


Member of the Programme Board

Habilitated doctor in Social Sciences, author of numerous publications and organizer of scientific conferences covering topics related to Africa and the Middle East.


Member of the Programme Board

Manager in a technology company. Smart City expert and author of articles and compilations in this field. Postgraduate student at the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


Member of the Programme Board

Doctor of Social Sciences in the discipline of Political Science. Editorial secretary of the magazines Polityka i Bezpieczeństwo and Niepodległość: czasopismo poświęcone najnowszej historii Polski. Her research interests focus on security issues.


Member of the Programme Board

Chairman of the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems. He represents the drone industry by cooperating with numerous public institutions. Moderator and ambassador of Polish technical thought abroad.


Member of the Programme Board

PhD in social sciences in the discipline of political science and administration (Warsaw School of Economics) and sociologist (University of Warsaw). Expert in public policy and social research, with particular expertise in the areas of cultural heritage, tourism, identity, trust and socioeconomic development.


Experts and analysts of the Institute of New Europe specialises in various fields, including national and international security, economics, public diplomacy, and international relations. The results of their work are analyses, articles, and reports available in the ‘Publications’ tab, as well as promoted on Institute’s social media.


Ph.D. in economics, associate professor and head of the Department of International Economic Relations, Business and Management at Concordia Ukrainian-American University (Kyiv). She currently teaches at the University of Economics and Humanities in Bielsko-Biala. She conducts research on macroeconomic aspects of security and environmental policy.


Research and teaching fellow at the War Studies University, Faculty of National Security. Head of the Department of International Security and Diplomacy and postgraduate studies in International Military Relations. Her research interests include: international aspects of economic policy and economic security. Author of three books, including scientific editing of more than a dozen monographs, author of more than 80 articles and book chapters, co-author and editor of two textbooks on international security.


International lawyer, Doctor of Social Sciences, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, Norway. She was awarded a scholarship by the Government of New Zealand to study at Victoria University of Wellington, the German Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, the French Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques. She has received certificates from the Russian School of Humanitarian Law, the UN CIMIC Training School and the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence.


He is engaged in the area of International Relations with particular emphasis on the issues of Central and Eastern Europe. Professionally, he is currently affiliated with the University of Opole, and previously with the Military University of Land Forces. Author of several books and dozens of scientific analyses and articles, published at home and abroad. Within the Institute, he is involved in the problematic of the Three Seas Initiative.


Main research focus: international politics, particularly the influence of the US, Russia, and China on the security of Central and Eastern Europe. Graduate of Jagiellonian University (BA in American Studies), University of St Andrews (MLitt in International Security Studies), and Warsaw University (MA in Eastern Studies). She worked for the Sobieski Institute, the Ministry of Economic Development, and the Polish Development Bank. Author of the first detailed study of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund (Collegium Interethnicum, 2021).


Graduated in Law & International Business, studied also in Vienna. Jakub interned for parliamentary (European Parliament, US Congress) and diplomatic (Polish Mission to UN in Vienna, US Consulate in Krakow) institutions. In 2016-2019, he worked as Assistant to Swiss Ambassador in Poland for Political & Economic Affairs. At INE, he researches Central European and Balkan countries.


He specializes in relationship of sports and politics. Author of analysis, comments and interviews in the field of sports diplomacy and international politics. Former Polsat News and Polish Television’s foreign desk journalist.


PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw. Sport’s politicization and globalization specialist. Analyzes cases related to the sports diplomacy, “sportswashing” and meaning of sporting “soft power” in contemporary international relations.


B.A. of Far East Philology with a specialisation in Chinese at the University of Wrocław and M.Sc. in China and International Relations at Aalborg University and the University of International Relations (国际 关系 学院) in Beijing. His research interests include political and economic relations between the European Union, China and the countries of Southeast Asia.


Expert on migration, economics and politics of Mediterranean countries. In the period of 2018-2020 PISM Analyst on Southern Europe. Author of various articles in Polish and foreign press about Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt and Maghreb countries. Since September 2020 lives in North Africa (Egypt, Algeria) and writes PhD thesis about the impact of the Catholic Church on lives of South Sudaneese migrants living in Egypt.


Graduate of International Relations at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, University of Lodz. She is a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences at the University of Lodz. Author of publications on historical and territorial disputes in East Asia. Her main areas of research interest include Central Europe, the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Photo: The University of Lodz


President of the World Business Bridge Foundation, publisher and chief-editor of Director of the Institute of Knowledge and Business of Collegium Humanum at the Warsaw School of Management. Expert in international trade, media, as well as digital and content marketing. Economic journalist and producer of TV programmes.


PhD candidate at the University of Warsaw, Erasmus scholarship holder at Helmut Schmidt Universitat Bundeswehr in Hamburg, also took part in a course at the EGE University Izmir. Previously he worked for the Ministry of National Defence. Organiser of scientific conferences and author of publications focused on international security.


Extremism & OSINT analyst. MA Government Graduate at Reichman University, Israel. InterPol and Intelligence Studies alumni at Aberystwyth University, UK. Former intern at NATO LANDCOM in Izmir. His research interests are counterterrorism, P/CVE, international security, as well as the Middle East.


Marta specializes in EU politics, particularly in the context of international relations, as well as energy, social and migration policy. She holds a Master’s degree in Politics Research from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Utrecht University. Professionally, she has worked extensively in political and business consulting and published journalistic aricles. She is the co-author of the report “Financing the Future. How to attract more foreign investors to the Three Seas Region”


A graduate in Asian and African intercultural relations and technical studies. He was awarded a Belt and Road scholarship at the South China Technical University in Guangzhou, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Chinese innovation policy at the Warsaw School of Economics. His research interests include the development of space technology, social changes resulting from technological progress, and the politics and culture of Sinosphere countries.

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Members of the INE team are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Institute; they write their own analyses as well as support experts by providing research and searching for relevant information. They also collect data for maps produced by the Institute and take an active part in ongoing projects.


Head of Project Management Office

Graduate of quantitative methods in economics and information systems at the Warsaw School of Economics. Member of the Society of Polish Economists, and an active member of scientific associations at the Warsaw School of Economics. His research interests include: armaments and military science, NATO relations with Russia, as well as history and economics.


Director of the Analysis Office

Graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Warsaw University and the Warsaw School of Economics. Scholarship recipient of The Fund for American Studies in Washington, DC. Multiple award winner including the best student of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw, or the Head of the Internal Security Agency competition for the best master’s thesis on security in Poland. He has held internships at renowned research centres including The Institute of World Politics in the United States. Author of numerous publications and speaker at national conferences. In his research, he focuses on the security issues of the People’s Republic of China, as well as simulations and forecasting of the balance of power in international relations.


Communications and Promotions Coordinator

Graduate of sinology at the University of Wroclaw, currently a master’s student in Contemporary China Studies at Renmin University of China. Author of texts on Chinese society, host of the podcast on East Asian culture and art. Academically interested in Chinese photography and the impact of visual arts on social issues.


Graduate of BA in European Studies at the European Centre of the University of Warsaw, currently a fifth year law student at the Faculty of Law and Administration and second year student of master’s degree in international relations, specialisation in Regional and Global Studies. Her research interests include socio-political situation in South America and ethical issues related to the development of new technologies.


Graduate of political science at the Jagiellonian University and international relations at the University of Warsaw. During his studies, he was involved in student and non-governmental organizations. Research interests are divided between the countries of Eastern Europe, especially the socio-political situation in Russia, Poland’s internal and foreign eastern policy. He currently conducts his research on Russia’s energy sector and its relations with the EU.


Graduate of Law at the University of Silesia. His research interests focus on the Three Seas Initiative and politics in Bulgaria. He acquired experience at the European Foundation of Human Rights in Vilnius, the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofia, and in Polish embassies in Tehran and Tbilisi. Jędrzej completed the Academy of Young Diplomats with a specialization in Polish foreign service.


Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Graduate of the University of Wroclaw, earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. He is currently a student at Solent University in Manchester, where he is studying computer science. He uses his knowledge and experience to advise various entities in achieving success through effective digital marketing strategy and professional media image management.


The Supervisory Board of the Foundation is a statutory body tasked with overseeing financial and other types of activities of the Institute, including approving of the Board’s reports on Institute’s activities.


Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Lawyer, member of the Centre for Legislative Process Research at the Lazarski University, graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics with a degree in economics.


Member of the Supervisory Board

Advisor in the field of economy, technology and strategic management, working on Polish and International level. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.


Member of the Supervisory Board

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. He is involved in implementing innovations in the insurance sector and conducting consulting projects in the field of process and management improvement.



  • The future of public administration
  • Effective cooperation between various government departments
  • Innovation policy
  • Industrial policy
  • Digitalisation of the country
  • Improving citizens’ economic knowledge
  • Smart City

International relations and security

  • Geopolitics
  • European affairs
  • Three Seas Initiative
  • Middle East
  • Former territory of the USSR
  • Strengthening the security of Poland

Law, taxes, and society

  • Tax system
  • Economic regulations
  • Analysis of legislation and monitoring of public life
  • Promotion of sustainable development
  • Supporting the cultural development of the country
  • Actions for the family